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    In Person or Online: DROWNton Abbey


    A Ultimate Murder Mystery Parody!


    Four individuals shrouded in mystery. A web of endless fascination. Welcome to Drownton Abbey, where the spirit of Christmas is overshadowed by a sinister plot. The noble family is in disarray as the patriarch, Lord Rivers, meets an untimely demise just hours before the annual Christmas gala. With four prime suspects and countless secrets, it is up to you to piece together the clues and uncover the truth.

    Join us for "A Murder Most Polite" at Drownton Abbey, where you will navigate through the twists and turns of this captivating satire.


    Book your event now and solve the mystery!

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    In Person or Online: Space - The FATAL Frontier

    An Interstellar Murder Mystery!

    Embark on a gripping sci-fi experience as you step into the year 2315 aboard the Galaxy Spacecraft Atlantic.
    The ship’s self-destruct sequence has been triggered, forcing Captain Robert Anderson and his crew to evacuate. But fate takes a dark turn, the captain’s
    escape pod fails to launch, leaving the four remaining crew members hurtling back to Earth.

    Join us on this stellar odyssey, where the void conceals both danger and revelation. Secure your passage now, it is a journey beyond imagination. Four suspects, endless intrigue, book now and solve the cosmic enigma!

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    In Person or Online: Wish you WEREN'T here!

    A 1990s Summer Mystery awaits...


    Step into thenostalgia of the ‘90s at Cheeseman’s Holiday Park in Beachy Stone, where the summer of '91 is drawing to a close with a thrilling twist. Barry Cheeseman’s vision to revolutionise his park with a brand-new Laser Quest has sparked controversy. Not all are thrilled about the park’s futuristic turn.

    Unravel the intrigue, decode the secrets, and discover who is not playing fair. Whether you are a sleuth in the digital realm or on the ground, your detective skills are needed more than ever.

    Book your spotand solve the mystery that’s captivating Beachy Stone!

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    In Person or Online: OUT for the Count!

    A Vampire Murder Mystery!


    Step into the shadows this Halloween with Play Dead London’s “Out for the Count!” an interactive murder mystery that will chill you to the bone. With four suspects and countless clues, it is a race against time to uncover the truth behind Count Dracula’s mysterious disappearance. Will you be the one to solve the case and restore order to the Guild of Vampires? Or will the culprit slip away into
    the night?

    Gather your witsand book your spot for an experience full of suspense and supernatural intrigue. The stakes are high—dare to play?


    Book your tickets now and bepart of the thrilling quest to solve the ultimate vampire mystery!

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    Online Only: Contestants! Please go to the DI(E)ARY room!

    2000s Reality TV’s Ultimate Mystery!


    Experience the ultimate reality TV drama with “Contestants! Please Go to the Diary Room!” a
    gripping murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end. As the final episode unfolds, the absence of one contestant turns the game on its
    head. Join us for an unforgettable quest of intrigue and discover if you have what it takes to solve the mystery.

    Book your tickets now and be part of the live audience that determines the fate ofthe missing contestant. Will you crack the case in time for the final reveal?

    The spotlight is on, and every clue counts. Do not miss the mystery event of the new millennium!

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    Online Only: Shake, Rattle and ROASTED!

    A 1950s High School Murder Mystery!

    Get ready to twist and shout with a mystery that is straight out of the '50s! Play Dead London invites you to “Shake, Rattle & Roasted!” an electrifying murder
    mystery where you become the detective. Uncover the secrets of Magnolia High’s darkest night and reveal the truth behind the tragic end of their golden girl.

    Book your tickets now for an event of mystery and memories. Don your poodle skirts and leather jackets and prepare to solve the most stylish case of the decade. Will you be the one to figure out who turned the lights out on prom queen, Gloria Summers? The stage is set, and every clue is a step back in time. Do not miss this blast from the past!

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    Online Only: (DEAD) Man Overboard!

    A Nautical Murder Mystery

    Embark on a voyage of suspense with Play Dead London’s “(Dead) Man Overboard!” As the waves
    whisper secrets, it is up to you to solve the maritime mystery that has taken the luxury cruise ship ‘The Agatha Christie’ by storm. Join us for an evening
    of intrigue and uncover the truth behind comedian Max Maverick’s untimely dive.

    Book your tickets now and step into the role of detective on the high seas. Will you be the one to solve the case of the overboard entertainer? The clues are as elusive as the ocean’s depths, and every discovery brings you closer to the truth. Join us for an experience where every wave could hold the key to the mystery!

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    Online Only: SLAYbourhood Watch

    An '80s Online Murder Mystery

    Get ready to crack a virtual case with Play Dead London’s “Slaybourhood Watch!” an online murder mystery set in the vibrant era of the 1980s. Four suspects, one unsolved mystery, and a neighbourhood watch meeting in Chelsea that takes a turn for the
    sinister. Was Dominic Darlington’s death an accident, or is there a killer among the residents of Alexandra Square? It is up to you to find out!

    Book your spot now and delve into a mystery that blurs the lines between the virtual and the real. Will you be the one to reveal the truth and restore peace to
    Alexandra Square? Every clue could be the key to solving the puzzle. Do not miss this chance to be the hero of the '80s!

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    Online Only:                 Les MURDERablés

    A Revolutionary Murder Mystery

    Immerse yourself onthe cobbled lanes of 1832 Paris with “Les Murderable, a thrilling Les Misérables parody that transforms the streets into a stage for murder, where the spirit of revolution is overshadowed by a dark deed. With the city on the brink of uprising, a student’s life is tragically cut short. Who among the foul suspects has turned from revolutionary to murderer?


    Book your tickets now and step into a world where history and mystery collide. Will you be the one to bring justice to the streets of Paris? Do you hear people singing? Every clue could change the course of history. Do not miss this chance to solve a murder mystery that is as epic as the rebellion itself!